The First Digital Asset Wallet on KaiOS

Store, Send and Receive digital assets right from your KaiOS phone

What is Sorted Wallet?

Sorted Wallet is the first digital asset wallet for KaiOS feature phones. It is built specifically to target emerging markets and onboard the next million individuals to the Web3 space.

The Sorted Wallet will allow users to create Bitcoin & Polygon wallets to send & receive digital assets all without having to own a high-end smartphone. The vision behind this project is to make digital assets accessible to everyone, especially in emerging markets.

Why choose Sorted Wallet?

Easy Wallet Set-Up & Login
User-Friendly Security Solutions
Convenient Payment System
No Fee Structure

Any user can create a Sorted Wallet using their email thanks to the Venly Wallet API integration.

No more misplacing seed phrases or private keys; simply remember your pin code for all your wallet activity.

Transfer digital assets instantly using the in-built QR code system to identify different wallets.

Users can send & receive digital assets with no fee charged by the Sorted Wallet platform.

Our Roadmap


We have put together some helpful information and tutorials that will allow you to use Sorted Wallet to its full potential. Please read through this knowledge base to find answers to your questions, and feel free to contact us if you still could not find what you were looking for!

Getting Started

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